Chemical Bleaching

The dental practice of Neumann Berlin informed many people wish the attractiveness of a gleaming white smile that lets you be more confident in everyday life. Professional Bleachingverfahren informed about which Neumann Berlin dental practice are a way to realize this wish. White teeth were always popular beauty ideals and accordingly have been coveted by people looking for an attractive appearance. Aesthetic dentistry has developed various methods for this reason to eliminate unwanted tooth stains. Distinction is made between the removal of superficial discolouration caused by pleasure and food and the Elimination of inner tooth stains, arising from disease, drugs and dental treatments. Superficial tooth coverings are removed in dental practices in the context of preventive professional tooth cleaning.

On the other hand is the actual tooth enamel discolored, get the process of bleaching used, which causes a chemical whitening. To choose of an appropriate Bleachingverfahrens, a dentist should be consulted in any case. In the course of Bleachingverfahren performed in the dental practice, a thorough dental cleaning, after which the gums with a thin protective film is covered will be carried out. Tooth bleaching is carried out by a hydrogen peroxide-containing gel that chemically bleaching the tooth surfaces under the effect of light and heat. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated until the desired result is. If the patient does not perform a whitening in the dental practice wants to leave, the dentist makes plastic rails him, that he can use less strong bleaching agent for several hours a day. The success of this approach should be checked regularly dental to prevent side effects. If a patient upon completion of the bleaching heat and cold is sensitive or the necks of his teeth pain, help professional dental water fluoridation process. Neumann Berlin dental practice may refer their patients for a comprehensive advice on bleaching and its professional version at any time at the disposal. Press contact dentist Neumann Andreas Neumann Hauptstrasse 87 12159 Berlin Tel: 030-850 762 40 fax: 030-850 762 39 E-Mail: website: