Caravan Saxony Informed: RV

Winter camping holiday planning is particularly important in Frauenstein, 22.11.2012: you can no longer deny it, the first snow, freezing temperatures and icy windscreens make it clear the winter no longer wait for letting to. But the real campers can abide by icy temperatures not by his passion. Whether winter camping on one of the local campsites or a travel with the caravan of Sachsen in the Alps for skiing, are winter campsite by year to year popular. Opportunities are available in the winter as well the campers and their doors are open all year an increasing number of campsites. With one of the Schneetauglichen caravan used vehicles, winter holiday experience “, promises David Niese, Managing Director of Niese caravan KG, number one for Caravan rental Dresden. The planning of the camping holiday is particularly important in the winter and vehicle and equipment should be carefully checked prior to departure. You should especially inquire about our insulation and contact the caravan rental Dresden directly for models with double-walled floors and walls. You isolate the vehicle even at very cold temperatures, and thus reduce the heating costs.

The technique should be checked for heart and kidneys and raised the winter tires. Ever after in what area you enter, advises the specialist caravan Saxony to suitable snow chains. We recommend it once to the trial fit the snow chains before beginning the journey our customers so that you know in the event of an emergency, what to keep in mind”, explains David Niese. But not only on the way to the campsite but also for the stay at the destination are in winter some things to keep in mind. In addition to antifreeze in all containers in which liquids are are to maintain all rubber seals on doors and Windows and to oil, airtight sealed and not freeze.

The heating and gas systems must be checked and replaced worn parts if necessary. And of course, should Finally, as well as any car before winter test the battery and recharge if necessary”, advises David Niese. “Our vehicles from the caravan hire Dresden as well as the caravan rental Leipzig have also always a starter cable on board”, so Niese continued. All of this means too much adventure who should make yet his camper in Dresden Winterfit. A thorough cleaning from the outside and from the inside should be first, then brushing also goes in the spring as alone. Man cleaning out thoroughly the caravan before winter, so reduced is the weight of the vehicle and the caravan of Sachsen less gasoline consumed. Especially the securing of gas and water systems is important. They everywhere completely drain the water and then clean the empty container,”says Niese from experience. Else they witness an unsightly awakening spring”finally confirms it. Company Description: Niese Caravan is family-run retail business since 1974. With a focus on vehicle sales and vehicle hire has made caravan Niese reputation as a specialist for caravan hire in Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz. In addition to the online shop, the company offers a comprehensive service of workshop in all questions around the topic of mobile homes and caravans. Company contact: Caravan KG Temple Niese 1 D – 09623 women stone Tel.: + 49 (03 73 26) 91 16 fax: + 49 (03 73 26) 91 17 E-mail: Internet: press contact: Caravan KG Mr David sneeze sneeze 1 D – 09623 women Stone Temple Tel.: + 49 (03 73 26) 91 16 fax: + 49 (03 73 26) 91 17 E-mail: Internet: