This example or even it is an objection but it can become one if we feel that we are being attacked through the simple questions or as sponsors we do a wrong reading of what is an intentional question or not. A question with bad intent would be for example: I have been told that this type of companies are a scam as all of your type is this true? and if after answer and explain again replicated with other more or less similar question with irony or insisting on the theme of the scam that is a clear sign that not really interested in business but that it seeks to confront you to discredit you as you try to impose your truth above reality. We should not fall into that game, don’t have time for that. Irony is part of the process of objections but mal intencionados prospects (those who only want to make us lose time) they deepen their stupid with irony objections because they try to take us out of focus and make prevail his argument, which may or not be validated by their experience in this type of business, but as already one-track above, We do not have time to analyze their trauma of business. Multilevel business and sales objections will always see but the key is to avoid falling into the game of those who are not interested and avoid wrongly catalogued the stupid questions that are not according to the time the prospectus submitted them. It is an art that only learn with practice and talking to prospects unless they feel that we are trying to sell you our own ideas because we are not sellers, we want that they join us to our MLM company don’t want to thread a product and nothing else we are going further afield, we want to help us financially, and that should be clear from the first interview we do..