Black Box

Oil, one black box The nine in ten times money of the oil is a cursed money. Ignacy Sachs Brazil is presented world-wide as potential detainer of great reserves of oil, leader in the production of biocombustveis and detainer of the technology of the nuclear fuel cycle. The paper of the country can be of prominence and leadership never imagined in the world-wide energy geopolitical scene, and this can finally be the hour and the time of the country to mount in the stamped horse that passes again to its door. It seems simple, and it is, but to transform dreams into reality one becomes necessary vision of future, will politics, firm pulse and enterprising action. However, deplorable facts insist on permear manchetes of the medias. The National Agency of the Oil – ANP fined Petrobra’s, greater Brazilian company, in R$ 84,5 million for the incorrect view of information of the P-50 platform, situated in the field of Tunny fish East, the basin De Campos. According to process opened for the agency, the state one used of approved factors not to make the measurement of the production.

With this, part of the amount of extracted oil of the field, in operation since 2006, was not informed. They is esteem that, in the period of 14 months, Petrobra’s has left to inform the production of 1,3 million of barrels. Without the register of this production, a sum of royalties and too much tributes left of being paid. Lastimvel attitude of who has that to carry out examples of ethics and transparency in all its actions. The great world-wide oil of have very dominate all the cycle, of the well to the rank. This company opts to the refining and the distribution as propeller of its profitability, devaluating the oil. When it has that to divide the results with governments, they deduct diverse costs, and throughout many years almost nothing sobrava of profit for the countries concessors, configuring itself, then, a tyrannous and colonial model of exploration, that caused low quality of life to the population of these countries.