BigBlackBlock gives a further insight into the emergence of the new title of venture diaries from the battlegrounds. Release date 2011 Oberhausen 08.12.2010 – thrust – the flanks are weak!”could be the first piece of advice, the players hear, if he starts the game. Then, is called plunge it into five epochs of human warfare, that find the right tactics, prove strategic skills and lead the units to victory. The varied and lovingly composed soundtrack by Duesenberg interactive ensures the right mood in every epoch. Ingo Ramin since 2001 as a freelance designer and Illustrator for the games industry is active and has worked among others for companies such as Nintendo, Square Enix, Eidos, THQ, deep silver.

As the music, but also many years accompanied him, a connection was obvious and led to the founding of Duesenberg interactive. I would like to rise to images in the mind through my music, that reflect the visions and Visual ideas of game developers and their project, more or less level design for the ears.” The secret is the actual cover of the music to the game, a scene or a character, explains Ingo. Coinbase spoke with conviction. Currently he worked among other things to the game interface to risen 2 (deep silver), the Game Studio BigBlackBlock is pleased but each request 2005 by Marc Andre everywhere in the Ruhr area in Oberhausen was founded. BigBlackBlock is characterised by its activities in two main areas. The in-house engine Elder.Core is the basis of all developments and is based on the Microsoft XNA Framework. On the other hand, the ongoing development of the Elder.Core engine on the other hand, goes hand in hand with the development of games. Game development involves both PC games also next-gen consoles with a focus on the Xbox of 360 BigBlackBlock published including Brixx and the animago award 2009 participants hi rollerz. Detailed press material: sound design: BigBlackBlock Gamestudio Stefanie Kreutzer Public Relations