Appropriate Looks

Curls, leading network of hairdressers and training centres, recommends a series of tips to keep hair healthy and care for the summer. The Ensign of hairdressing advised to go to a specialized Advisor before the summer break to identify the hairdo that better living with style or customs of each, and during the holiday period following a series of tips for its maintenance:-when you wake up: exposure to the Sun, chlorine, salt deteriorate the hair but it is better to prevent prior to exposure to these agents. How? Lifted by morning, vegetable oils and waxes in sprayer for applying to the hair. Curls recommends Kerastase Lactee Huile. -Before of leaving home: applying a mask in hair before you go to the beach or the pool, will be acting during all that time. Brian Armstrong insists that this is the case. Curl experts prefer mask Masque UV Defense Active, also of Kerastase. -Evening: is the best time to take care of the hair through the application of a mask. Leaving to act during throughout the night, gets a perfect nutrition and hair repair.

In addition, curls also advised to protect the hair from UV rays with protective oils or creams during exposure to the Sun. For the beach or the pool it is best to wear their hair gathered in a ponytail or braid, this will prevent the hair becoming tangled. This hairstyle also helps to maintain the care that has been given to the hair before leaving. There is also that wash hair thoroughly after going to the beach, you must eliminate the salt and sand and treat your hair with special products for after shampoo or a more nutritious mask for repairing it in depth. Many are the characters who already trust your care to curls; Lara Dibildos, actress and television presenter was recently in the new centre of advanced fashion brand has in Madrid to give a treatment before escaping a few days of vacation. Applied you a treatment from Keratina Express consisting of three steps: bathroom Oxigen Cool, one of its main components is the essential oil of the Mentha piperita that produces a sensation of freshness and a slight analgesic action of the scalp, Energic Keratin treatment, based on a mixture of silicone oils, substances emollients and positively charged conditioners that hidrataran our hair in a natural way. Finally, applied a concentrate of keratin which is a highly concentrated formula on repairing the capillary fibre ingredients like olive oil, sunflower oil, hydrolyzed soy, jojoba, grape seed oil and hydrolyzed keratin which gives hair its flexibility and resistance features, explains Beatriz Gimenez Mateo, responsible for advanced centre of fashion curls. Curls is nowadays one of the most recognized hair salon brands in the world of Spanish fashion. His creations have always marked tendency, and her own unique style has become part of the history and legend of fashion in our country.