Antonio History

Their reflections are perhaps not sophisticated, but are sharp, colloquial. Its great merit is that they are what they are. And this compilation of her words, is an homage, a thank you for simply being as it is, neither more nor less. Without mythologising him or with empty exaltations. It is to listen to a person who has written to communicate with others.

Your environment, your people, you want to keep in remembrance, as we do with other loved ones. Antonio Cortijo enlarges its mode of being living participating with others. ANTONIO CORTIJO MORO life when pido le a farmhouse to pass me his writings to collect poems that has made approaches with a jumble of papers, with poems, phrases, stickers and letters to newspapers. Me says: everything I have I’ve been here, and points out his heart. It is a person who expresses what he feels. To talk to him it has simplicity some experiences, exemplary, without bombast. He is not a hero, he is not a man of recognized prestige.

He is the. The beauty of its history is that it leads us to the corners of history, the atoms of many events, which are not visible if it is not in the personal experience. Something that when you highlights and comments is irreverent with those who produce great thing. Cortijo lives in Asturias until 8 years of age. His people remember the River, where he bathed and fished. Once you managed it PES hook a trout from a kilo that his father had him to help make. The influence of his father has been paramount. You remember it with great pleasure. Music liked his father. The pleasure of hearing notes and rhythms moved it to his son, as a spiritual inheritance. Florencio also told him that once saw the street theater of the barrack of Garcia Lorca, which Antonio recalls with pride.