Air Conditioning

Shop Kriomag can provide you with air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and in the split system mitsubishi, channel type, wall type, multi split system air conditioners column type, cassette type, multi-zone system. The specialists of our shop will talk about air conditioners, split systems, everything. What kind of temperatures can be in Moscow, and, of course, what force must have air conditioning, so you can breathe and enjoy the purified air in your home. Recently Chevron U.S.A. Inc sought to clarify these questions. We will tell you how many germs, viruses, and a simple dust is located in 'normal' air, and of course, what is needed Climatic equipment in the house. If you do not have it in the apartment, office or anywhere else your room, our staff – consultants and vendors of any will indicate how best to put air conditioning in the hallway, and some in the bathroom, which split system for optimal placement in your apartment, and how much for the office. Kriomag store offers for you Huge selection of products, as well as a supply plant for sale.

It's fans, automation, heaters, filters, silencers, as well. Shop Kriomag and Convent of the company has established contacts with companies manufacturers air conditioners, as Sanyo, DAIKIN, Panasonic, HITACHI, Mitsubishi, and GREE, TOSHIBA, Samsung, LG, DeLonghi. REMAK, Tropic, Rover, thermal equipment Frico, ventilating equipment Systemair. Pack your purchases at our center.