Aida Again

– Are you going to school?. – No. – What about this apartment is your mom?. – No. Cristina was the misery and dirt of the apartment. There was a fridge, also a small kitchen and a rusty old machine. Caryton trays and bags abandoned by all sides.

– I gotta go – Cristina said finishing his trip to the underworld so far from upper middle class reality. – Adios – told everyone. – My name is Rachel – said the girl showing her five fingers to indicate that he was that age. —- I am Jorge Andres – enesenando said the boy approaching him three fingers and full of coleslaw and mayonnaise that she brought. – I have eight – said Aida – I Quince – Cristina lied to feel a little important – I will come tomorrow. No going back.

He was flying to his apartment and hours after he bathed and bathed soaping again and again to detach the smell rancid and strong, it seemed that he was not removed. A notice of transfer. – My dad always so faithful – he said, opening his facebook – Several invitations and Geraldine, Esther, the girl and the fat in the messenger. Start chatting from 3 pm to 6 pm. Information Basic: The absurdity of Gilbert carried the books to Ana Luisa. Roger was on the ground that the Graciela went to live in Canada with his family and that tomorrow would make a Quitze math. Not yet. With a pulse opened the book and reread math practice notes Rieman Hypothesis.