Adventure Germany Travel

Also in Germany, you can experience an adventurous vacation. Germany has very attractive holiday regions. But very many people in Germany have never seen them before, because they are off on vacation in foreign countries. Then drive to an airport and flies a few hours and finds himself in a German-speaking environment – no matter whether Canary Islands, North Africa, or European Mediterranean countries. Club facilities or hotel castles spoil the holiday, but you don’t really get to know the country, eating only what you know from home and speaks with the tourists, whose language is also only.

Friends when you come back home, shows images of the same hotel or club facilities, and swimming pools. There was one so in Egypt, Tunisia, Mallorca and has not even admitted on the local cuisine, but fed by pizza, spaghetti or Wiener schnitzel. How different it is to make time with the car on the way through Germany. You can discover more great areas and collect new culinary experiences. Sure There are also pizza, North -, East – West – or South Germany spaghetti or Wiener schnitzel, but here it is worth absolutely to get involved in the regional courts.

Whether in Thuringia, where it serves hearty roast, heavy sauces, dumplings and red cabbage or whether you stay on the waterfront, where the variety of the dishes of the seafood is affected. Also in the South, there are many dishes with dumplings and noodles can hardly be different. The German beer which not even talked about. There are well over 1200 breweries in Germany and spoil the beer drinker with well 5000 varieties of beer. Would you try out all of these varieties, we say one every day, then we could deal full 13 years and 6 months so. But we do against a look at Yes also still a bit and we recover in a most attractive and cosy accommodation. There is a special Internet portal for holiday rentals Germany, where really hardly a region is lacking and where the objects to rent as holiday homes or apartments are superbly illustrated and described. Given the choice and the quality of the objects the decision is not always easy, but as you travel with a good feeling in the targeted region. Andreas Mettler