Academic Community

But so you see the educative community, forms a narrow bond by means of a computer that says everything to him what needs to know. Then the men the morning would need a few hours or days in front of the computer to be able to print their precious diploma. Because we are noticeable from centuries with the dogma of the diploma. The title says of you that you are able. The merit does not exist, the talents disappeared, the tools to cultivate and to make bear fruits to those men academic and judicious, they are an investment that does not generate gains, by this prefer to bury them under earth. And not because they wish it to the men. It is the condition of the present society.

It is the new climate that we lived. The present ecosystem is the one of educarte to think less and to produce but. And what is the educative community that will live. Not it. So you see the unique one that it will be able to develop all faculties will be that one to which you cannot accede. Because while others make a masters, you will have to finish your race, graduarte like professional and to continue paying the leasing of the place where you live. If you do not wish to pay leasing, you must work to buy your own apartment and alejarte more and more than a masters. And if by other people’s things or which you yourself you looked for, you become father or mother of family.

He forgets a doctorate economically to when your heart does not forget it. Then you will be disadvantaged in front of all those people, who speak two or three languages, that own a masters, a doctorate and everything what the money can buy. Now to finish I say to you that you must have taken care of in the academic thing, because if your educational ones invite to you to investigate and your you bring a work to him of investigation where the bibliography takes like Annex a series of poor publishing houses. You will have pararte hard, because this educational one will escupir the face and threw your work to the floor. And with iracundos eyes it would shout: the academic publishing house is GREDOS and the present academic community formed by the company will say AMEN.