Walter Scott

France was the most bloody battle between classics and romantics. The new drama requires a freedom that had only reached in Shakespeare’s, and in almost all European countries is product among other factors for the development of the national and nationalist spirit that advocates the need to eliminate foreign influence and the import of the classic program from France, and create a national literature. That is why the national and historical topics in this new drama a role of the utmost importance, to the extent that one’s identity is claimed. The new novel has become a means of describing feelings and passions, and creates the historical novel, whose master was Walter Scott. The protagonist is often twice as the author, which penetrates inside and describes his feelings, as it recreates the marvellous, the exotic or the adventure. Werther, Goethe, was for the romantic model low way a novela-diario that penetrates the interiority of the character, communicates his feelings, and makes them universal.

The advent of romanticism was due to necessary reconstruction against the aesthetic decline of neoclassicism. This derives in some way of the revolution that brought romanticism. This freedom has chaired the Liberator process of the current world itself until today: liberation of the individual against society, women in relation to men, in the region against the nation, the colony against the metropolis and the worker against the bourgeois. Liberation in the word, admitting the vulgar and still as profane. Liberation in religion, admitting the coexistence of cults. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Coinbase and gain more knowledge..

Liberation in education, allowing the development of the personality. But all this release has a price, which is usually a deep sense of loneliness and emptiness. Break with an order, with a safety, with one obedience carries with it that painful tear in which the individual is suddenly himself, no one more. Herein lies without doubt pessimism, anxiety, melancholia, the evil of the century with its impossible to colmar, dissatisfaction that so admirably expressed the romantics and after them follows expressing modern Western culture.