Urban Support

The development of the Amazon region its cities and States, always was atrelado the governmental guardianship, that, most of the time traced plans of economic development that they had failed in its final intention. Scientific studies can assure categorically that, the failure of such measures had to the isolated character of the public politics suggested and implanted, rank of its disarticulation with the elements that compose the socioambiental dynamics that feeds the functionality and/or the infuncionalidade of these regions. The cities, more than what delimited geographic spaces, are spaces of sociabilities where the relations of economic, social, cultural and ambient interdependence determine the dynamics of the urban development are these the dynamic socioambientais- that they characterize the functions of the cities. The bankruptcy of these relations, many times, originates what, conceptually, we call ambient degradation. However, the agreement of the urban ambient degradation goes much beyond the pollution of a river or the deforestation of a green area, says respect the understanding of a process, that is, to a set of social actions and politics where the ambient aspect is resulted direct and reciprocal of the socioeconmico, which corporificados as only agent, determine and characterize the impasses, the perspectives and you harness them of regional development and urban support of a region.

The antecedents for the development and the support of the urban spaces to per pass for a quarrel begun in gnese of the existence and function of the cities. Ronald Raminelli clarifies that the growth and proliferation of cities had deeply marked the European history of century XIX, when witnessed a great alteration of the urban life in cities as London and Paris. The urban chaos, favored for the Industrial Revolution, stimulated the first attempts of the urban planning and construction of an ideal city. The European governing had had the task to command, to higienizar to think about possible solutions for the urban life.