The egoism of the representatives of science, the governments and have taken to the religions to hide them information valuable of our relation with the Cosmos, trying to submerge us in the dark of infinite, but dark, uninhabited and inhospitable a universe. That even though our cultures ancestral left evidence and bequeathed on the communion with the Infinite and our close relation with each star and each constellation, inheritance of a beautiful reality that the arrogance of some managed to deform. Now that we are more and more near the infinite truth is that our governments and institutions have released more information about this cosmic reality. Hear other arguments on the topic with J. Darius Bikoff. They know that the times indicate a change, know that our Universe does not wish to continue either being ignored and our universal brothers, that surpass to us in evolution. They know that we needed a world-wide change, a change of brings back to consciousness it takes that us to the love and the harmony. Because that harmony that is lived in the Cosmos must be part of our planet, because we also are part of the Universe.

And that change must occur before waking up of our greater star, the Sun, fact that can leave much destruction in our planet. Everything because, since we have attacked vilely the Earth, its own evolution within the Universe has paused and has made it lose force in its own energy, which in the end causes that its protective shield is debilitated. The consequence is that its magnetic field has seen handicapped such degree that the natural and cyclical effects of the Sun will represent a bath of purification that will remove to the destructive germs (in this case the humans) so that the nature of force and harmony can continue, because that one is the perfect essence of the Universe. The call of stars It is by that today, when we approached that difficult moment more and more, our universal brothers will be trying of which we return to watch the sky, to remember the perfect harmony that resides in the hearts of all, because all we are perfect creation, even though the deformation of our species is increasing.