Tyumen Pumping

Chemical pump designed for pumping toxic liquids, corrosive and neutral media, as well as the media, causing corrosion and containing solid impurities. Pump design and material flow path depends on properties of the fluid (density, abrasion, temperature, etc.), and the degree of aggressiveness of a chemically active liquid. In the manufacture of chemical pumps use different materials. Housing is made of steel and iron, and details of the flow part of the chemically resistant polymer materials. For the manufacture of items flowing part of iron is not used, because of the lack of resistance to aggressive media, and because of its fragility is not can be used in pipelines with high pressure working environment. Regarding the construction of chemical pumps can be grouped as: Single screw Chemical Pumps – consist of pump and motor which are installed on common frame and connected via a control variator or elastic sleeve. Axial chemical pumps – are produced in different versions.

The blades of the impeller they are fixed at a certain angle, which provides a nominal flow and pump head Sealed – designed for pumping liquids, liquefied gases in stationary conditions, the pair which pollute the environment or in combination with oxygen is explosive. Feature of these pumps is a compact design that combines in one unit built-in asynchronous motor and pumping unit. No external seals of rotating parts. Chemical pump console design has been used for pumping chemically active flammable and explosive liquids in petrochemical and chemical industries. Immersion designs – have a wide range of applications, are manufactured in different versions. It depends on the performance and power of completing the electric motor, the material used in the liquid part of the variant and the diameter of the impeller, the node type shaft seals, depth (the distance from the impeller to the base plate). Other structures.

All chemical pumps are constructed differences based on the flow part, for accessories, the form of seals and degree of protection. Subject to technical conditions of operation pumps are durable and reliable. Scope of chemical pumps: food processing petrochemical industry (the pumping petroleum products, acids, alkalis) chemical industry paint industry (paints, varnishes, solvents, etc.). Ural region – the densely populated industrial region, with a large number of cities and the rich infrastructure, so the pumps chemical used widely in high demand, including Tyumen and cities of the Urals.