Two Simple Requirements

Having a server read and re-read a lot of documents and books on the subject, and after reviewing the lives of a significant number of successful people, I conclude categorically that the above-mentioned formula does not exist, and that anyone offer the secret potion to achieve their dreams the only thing that makes is take the hair in exchange for a few dollars. However, what if there are techniques or tools that simply increase our ability to achieve our goals. Read you well, only increase our possibilities, we can never ensure anything. The above-mentioned techniques are many and varied, including focused to different situations, but only will all be useful if previously we as professionals, we have some fundamental elements to improve our chance of achieving what we set out. If you insist me, I then tell you more than a secret or a formula, there are two prerequisites to any other in our character or personality to get to have success.Let me tell you the following anecdote. A small businessman was going to open its new store.

At the urging of his wife, for the day of the inauguration of the business, he invited relatives and friends at a small reception that as main event, would have the blessing of the local by a Catholic priest. Upon completion the prayer of the celebrant, the owner of the newly opened establishment approached her and asked if Dios could really influence that would him well in the company that it was embarking. Undeterred, the priest answered him that if opened the shop daily, if it would help. This reminds me of a popular saying: God gives food, but does not lead to the nest under normal conditions, is difficult to stay without eat, OK, but what if it is that that we must make an effort to do so, it must do so.