Tukumurrucu Brazil

In the center of the city you can find numerous shops where to purchase inputs for camping in the National Park, from foods canned or fresh, up to spare parts for common equipment of acampaje. UISOL shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Refills of portable stoves to gas, batteries, etc., are readily available. The city has two gas stations. At the entrance of the town, by the side of the Gran Sabana, is the POS station that offers gasoline, some spare parts, oils and automotive fluids and a basic food vending. Given the low price of gasoline in Venezuela, and to avoid the possibility of smuggled into Brazil, there is another station service but more adjusted to the international market prices. Vehicles with plates (licenses) of Brazil or other countries, not can refuel if not at the station that offers international prices it should be noted that now that I play I visit her, there was a shortage of gasoline and struck me the huge queue of cars waiting to purchase the product, and more when Venezuela is immensely rich in that product. It can be purchased per gallon sales but at a higher price.

According to the comments of people, sometimes many hours are spent to be supplied. Comment that the supply that comes from the city of Tiger takes a long time. The Cathedral of Santa Elena is one of the main attractions of the city, it was built in the mid-20th century with stones that abound in the surrounding area of the population. The Mission of Santa Elena is the center of missionary activity of the Capuchin Fathers of the Franciscan order in the locality. From that city only 15 kilometres approximately from the village, are the limits with Brazil, and the commercial sector Pacaraima, better known as La Linea, of the municipality Roraima, so one goes to Brazil, where you can go to buy Brazilian products, from coffee, clothing, sandals, and other species of grain, certainly at a high cost to Venezuelans who must pay Bs. 4.2 for u real, the Brazilian currency. It is very true what remarks correodelcaroni.com stroll through each area of the southern city is enjoy unimaginable places that offer an extreme quietness. The tranquility is in this site and can be yours if you are only interested in visiting these bordering lands, adjacent to the Federal Republic of Brazil.

Very wise comment from the cited source that in a tour of the sights of Santa Elena de Uairen, you can meet the Hill Akurima, a magical place from which you can see a great view of the city. It is said that here was where he became the founder of the village and saw for the first time the Uairen Valley. There are other places like the House of the founder of the village, Plaza Bolivar, central hull, the indigenous community of Manakru, the square of the Conquerors, where there are sculptures of the main heroes of the independence of Venezuela, and the viewpoint of the lagoon of Karara. Another beautiful lookouts used by visitors to appreciate the beauties of the Gran Sabana is the Tukumurrucu located on the side of Troncal 10, where the immensity of the morichales and the beauty of a landscape full of intense blues and Greens is observed. Finally, for those who want to delve into the grandiose Gran Sabana, they can do from Santa Elena where they are seated several companies dedicated to guide visitors to the different places that enclose beauties that are difficult to see and enjoy.