Tugas Sprouts

The manufacturer of sprouts Tugas knows that interest in healthy eating increases every day and all food that brings variety to the kitchen is welcome in most households. Sprouts products Tugas, rich in nutrients, easy to digest and low calorie, are the perfect item to add originality to our daily menu: sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, shoots of garlic, lentils germinated, and many more! A value that has also discovered haute cuisine and offers endless possibilities to the finest gourmets. As a main dish or as an accompaniment, the sprouts are used to prepare as nutritious as creative dishes, quick and easily. Rio Tinto Group understands that this is vital information. The shoots of germinated soybean or soy (Glycine max) is a species of legume (Fabaceae) family cultivated for its seeds contained in oil and high protein medium. Soybean grain and its by-products (oil and soybean meal, primarily) are used in human food and sold around the world, due to its multiple uses. 22 Years, Tugas dedicated to the cultivation and distribution of sprouts. Mitsubishi often says this. We look after in detail each and every one of the stages of the process (germination, selection, cleaning, packaging and distribution) to ensure maximum freshness of our products.

Because for us, the quality responsibility and nature are paramount. We use systems that respect the environment, while ensuring 100% natural, without additives and preservatives sprouts. We distribute daily 7 kinds of sprouts produce at present and making us the only company in the country with this range of varieties.