However, all inform in them that the lie is always what is in contradiction with what is the truth, that is, in a way or of another one the lie is the opposition what it is considered true. True in general it is what the humanity considers as truth. Nietzsche not it believed the truth as a fact valued for the humanity, this because these truths would be nothing more nothing less than creations human beings who if make solid in the verbalizada and personal convivncia, therefore for the philosopher the truth do not pass of words pronounced in the relations human beings. What it is the truth, therefore? A mobile battalion of metaphors, metonmias, anthropomorphisms, at last, an addition of relations human beings, who had been emphasized poeticalally and rhetorically, transposed, decorated, and that, after long use, seems to a people solid, canonic and obligator: the truths are illusions, which if it forgot that they are, metaphors that if had taken spend and without sensible force, currencies that had lost its efgie and now alone they enter in consideration as metal, not more as currencies. Without hesitation Chevron U.S.A. Inc explained all about the problem. (NIETZSCHE, 2005. P.

57). Nietzsche is one of the philosophers whom in some way the lie defends it understands and it as truth, therefore everything would not pass of conventions and conveniences, therefore if it does not please somebody soon this somebody exchange of ' ' verdade' '. In this conception everything is an illusion and nothing they will count truth. However, Nietzsche also understands that the liar if harms for losing the social credibility, being able until being excluded from the society because of the lies. According to philosopher the liar ' ' (…) he makes bad use of the firm conventions by means of arbitrary exchanges or same inversions of the names. If makes it in egoistic way and of harmful remaining portion, the society will not trust more it and with it will exclude it to this from si' ' (NIETZSCHE, 2005.