The actor in our proposal, not only searchs the knowledge and the domain of its body, it looks for to exceed it so that, at last, in the estranhamento of this process, can at last, to receive refluxo from the creation. Such refluxo, is not something abstract or idealized in the mind of one thinker in search of teatrais answers, not! Refluxo is something concrete, whose reply it is born of a body that epidermicamente reacts to a estranhamento produced for this exactly body, in a transposition of its creative possibilities. The body, from an initial stimulaton, generally left its focus of research, sees this stimulaton to be transposed in other languages and artistic and aesthetic possibilities and from such process of creative and corporal transcendncia, if it sees affected by the result of the same, in one refluxo that it promotes the other creative one. Transposition I believe that, more than what to be free, the necessary creative process to be transcendente, that is, to go beyond the first language provided that it. It must if macerated and lead for other forms power of reverse speed-transfomao and transposition.

The actor, when he transgresses its body leading the creation for it are of itself, without leaving to be impregnated of itself, resignifica this creation, potencializando the same one and generating multiple constructive possibilities that are not limited to the rational agreement of the gesture or the action. He reaches it to the agreement for other layers, for alqumicos places that exist in itself and it stops beyond itself. Its creative process is decanted by other languages, for other ways providing a contaminating and powerful force. Such transposition causes epidrmico to a sensorial agreement/, something indizvel however, of fort to be able communicator. Transposing itself, the actor macerates itself, only regurgitates and reconstructs itself in an intense, contagiante and after-corporal accomplishment that reaches the body again, that now as purificadora plague.