The Universe

Deepak Chopra The scientists agree in which the particles that compose ” materia” they only exist we observed when them; it is our attention which transforms the probability of existence of the particle into existence ” material”. Exercise Aplicativo 2: It develops the following tools How you choose to focus your attention to give existence to your desires? How you choose to develop the quality of your attention to only create what you wish? What type of Beliefs develops an approach of quality in which you wish to declare? *MANTEN YOUR ATTENTION IN WHICH IT IS AND IT OBSERVES HIS FULLNESS IN EACH MOMENTO* Vedaic wisdom. Details can be found by clicking Leo Schachter Diamonds or emailing the administrator. The objects of our reality are fields of vibratory energy that our attention to decode in form which we pruned to perceive with our senses. We transform those fields of energy into solid objects with our attention, information, beliefs and emotion. STRATEGY 3: CREATIVE EMOTIONS The emotions have a power that is 5.000 times greater to the one of the thoughts, with them we created our reality since they allow us to focus and to validate what we create. The emotions in addition generate a vibratory frequency in coherence with the brain that the scientists denominate coherence of the heart.

When you think and you feel something pleasant frequency waves are generated that can be read by sophisticated apparatuses, that demonstrate that the emotions have the power to modify the structure of the own DNA, in such a way that to think and to feel it is to practice chemical cerebral of corporal repercussion; it is test of the power that has the emotions to create energy structures and information that generate health. A thought accompanied by an emotion generates measurable changes within the physical body. Whereupon emotions you choose to create your experiences? *TE YOU TURN INTO WHICH YOU FEEL AND ABOUT WHICH YOU THINK THE TIEMPO* MOST OF The Universe or field of infinite possibilities speaks the language of the emotions since an emotion is generated from a belief, that it is a thought based on a knowledge. The field of all the possibilities (Universal) has a holographic quality by virtue of which the part contains to the whole and the whole contains to the part; we are part of that whole, and Co-created with him with our beliefs (information) and emotions (energy). What emotions you choose Co-to create your experiences? Whereupon beliefs you decide to feed your emotions to create what you wish? What 3 first steps approach to you to generate emotions creative? What 3 decisions you choose to do now to generate emotions creative healthy? *MUNDOS INFINITE APPEARS AND DISAPPEARS IN THE VAST EXTENSION OF MY OWN ONE BRINGS BACK TO CONSCIOUSNESS LIKE DUST PARTICLES THAT DANCE IN A LIGHT RAY. Vedaic proverb What old woman paradigms has hit for you east article? I will appreciate your valuable commentaries and questions You have problems in this area of your life? I can ayudarte of effective form and with results. TO BELIEVE TO CREATE TO BE TO CREATE the life to your way!