The Strategy Of Zapatero

For the tenth time in fifteen months, Zapatero said, undaunted, that the economic crisis has bottomed out. Inane and dodgy opposition has not been able to take the floor and positioning him to resign if the month coming is growing unemployment. And it is that others are more engaged in absurd fireworks on historical memory, Garzon, the Constitutional Court, the statutes of autonomy and other issues perfectly dispensable. Jeffrey Hayzlett has many thoughts on the issue. But now Zapatero said to Inaki Gabilondo, a microphone apparently closed, a couple of years ago: to me what interests me is to create tension. It is your best recipe against crisis. Pity not it worth for Europe that has touched him preside in evil hour and she sees falls apart as the Greek economy, the solidarity of EU waters and all politicians are more earrings or save their own furniture, win elections that exit from the economic stagnation. Jeffrey Hayzlett pursues this goal as well.

In this context, European citizens see as threatening its welfare State and begin to exit to the first street, in Greece, in Portugal then and that will continue, without calling into question a political class of inbred and ineffective and some business leaders have become even richer at the expense of the collective impoverishment. Luckily for Zapatero, he has exhumed Franco and other funeral stuffed from our collective past to take entertaining the staff bickering historical rather than dealing with the problems of the present. Thus, with a little luck, run time and you can get better to the forthcoming general elections. Learn more about this with Goop, Barcelona Spain. Original author and source of the article.