The Possibility

By contrast, in the writings of its founders is a sharp contrast between democracy and the regime established by them, that regime gobierno representativoa called a or even and quotes republicaa Madison argued that the role of representatives not to love at all times what the people want. The superiority of representation is, however, it opens the possibility of a separation between the will (or decision) public and the popular will. Manin: a Tanto to Sieyes to Madison, representative government is not a type of democracy, a form of government is fundamentally different and, moreover, preferiblea . Criticism of the parties are known: they have become irrelevant but still make exclusionary power of the provisions in their favor for the nomination while the lack of organized social movements that open door in the legal system and, worse, when a group of voters open the door and jumps into the ring their results are often meager.

Obviously, then, we sailed in an intermediate state where the parties have ceased to be an effective conduit and where there have appeared real meaning new forms of intermediation. The other is that the death of ideologies have become empty shells unable to add more people. In other words, have become mechanical diggers votes. The simplistic argument raised a The parties must change is no basis the reality of political practice. The thing to emphasize is that in any case, the parties have lost the monopoly of political exercise and are a destination promises to be describable as the others in the midst of a multiply socio-political actors in the process of birth..