The God Goes, It Is With You

' the videntes will be envergonharo, and the adivinhadores will be confused; yes, all they will cover its lips, because it will not have reply of Deus.' ' Miquias 3:7 ' ' Since the days of your parents you turned aside yourselves from my statutes, and you did not keep them; you become you for me, and I will become for you, I say you of the Armies; but it say: Where we have to become? ' ' Malaquias 3:7 All those that if place as licensors of answers of God, through vidncias and adivinhaes finish causing extreme confusions in the life them people search that them, therefore they do not have any reply of God, therefore they are on to the forces of the enemy, who only wants exactly is defeating in them, lowering, to magoar, to extort and to confuse. ' ' Will steal the man the God? However steal it me, and say: We steal where you? In the tenths and ofertas.' ' Malaquias 3:8 The tenths and the offers that are raised by who compete to them, exempt the people of disasters of the misery, because this attitude they make only looking at for what the proper God speaks to the heart. ' ' With curse you are cursed, because you steal me to me, yes, all this nao.' ' Malaquias 3:9 That one that finds that it is saving to not delivering to its tenths and offers courts of appeals, is, in the truth, stealing the God and is cursed therefore, therefore opens the door of its economic life for the devil. It stops with this! It gives the God what he belongs the God and he fortifies Its Workmanship here in the Land! Its tenths and offers are the plants of God, who we trust that It grants in them what you need for us and for ours.