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The egoism of the representatives of science, the governments and have taken to the religions to hide them information valuable of our relation with the Cosmos, trying to submerge us in the dark of infinite, but dark, uninhabited and inhospitable a universe. That even though our cultures ancestral left evidence and bequeathed on the communion […]


Because the flamenco one is nourished inextinguishablely of the tragic substance of the town, its festive root, its loving desire, its air and its ground, and in him, therefore, it also plans of inextinguishable way the memory of that town. It is his testimony. Reason why, if it is known to beat correctly, of him […]

German Companies

Weeks ago a good friend explained to me how a group of engineers German had itself displaced until their company to investigate, to analyze and to select best new scent to for a new model of car that its company was going to send to the market shortly. Yes, you have heard well: scent to […]

The Universe

Deepak Chopra The scientists agree in which the particles that compose ” materia” they only exist we observed when them; it is our attention which transforms the probability of existence of the particle into existence ” material”. Exercise Aplicativo 2: It develops the following tools How you choose to focus your attention to give existence […]

Internet Money

They are not shamed to request aid if it is having a bad moment in his plan for making money in Internet, a great amount of proprietors of businesses does not like to request aid to other people because they do not want to hurt his pride, this is something that you must to even […]