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Bradesco Bank

The model of performance adopted for the group is diversified between the financial branch, in the country and the exterior, the branch of insurances, providence and capitalizaton and, still, in other activities. Amongst the companies related to financial branch is distinguished: – Bradesco Bank, banks in the acquired exterior and too much banks in recent […]


The knowledge always played important role in great social transformations. In the first phase of the Industrial Revolution, Paiva (1999) places that the tools, processes and products had been applied; in the second phase – revolution of the Productivity -, it was transferred to be applied it to the work. Currently, the knowledge is being […]

Human Culture

CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL: STUDY OF CASE IN a JAPANESE MULTINATIONAL Ismael de Oliveira Dutra SUMMARY the present article deals with concepts of the organizacional culture and which are the impacts and influence in the organizacional scope. By means of a study of case of a company of Japanese culture installed in a country of Latin culture […]

Internet Marketer

Any Internet Marketer will go to say to it that sevoc to want to make a profit, you must conseguirpessoas interested to look at for its offers. Some comerciantesusam Google Adwords or some another type of payment porclique to get the visitors of the site. Necessary Vocno to use ' ' to pay for clique' […]

The Question

6.7. It fits to used 6.7.1. It fits to the employee how much to EPI: ) to use, using it only for the purpose the one that if destines; b) to make responsible for the guard and conservation; c) to communicate to the employer any alteration becomes that it improper for use; e, d) to […]