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Having an electronic newsletter by voluntary subscription allows you to establish an effective presence in the network and there is nothing more valuable for your business that have a publication that is dutifully distributed every week, every two weeks or every month. The business model of an electronic bulletin differs substantially from that corresponds to a traditional web site, as it differs from a television program of a magazine subscription.While a web site – or a television program – depend on keeping its audience every day, electronic newsletters – just like a magazine subscription–tend to develop a community of stable, homogeneous and growing subscribers.You must not wait for people to visit it on your web site, you will arrive to them dutifully every week/fortnight/month directly to your email inbox. People subscribe to your publication and if you do a good job, they will be waiting for the next edition with expectation.While most ancient is a Subscriber, more integrated is in the community and most identified feels the same. And most importantly: all consumer ends up directing his consumption capacity in environments in which feels comfortable, safe, represented and attended and a good newsletter electronic, endowed with appropriate community tools has the potential of leveraging – within its thematic segment or profile – an important part of that purchasing power. By the same author: Rio- Tinto Diamonds. Hence the value of virtual communities is so high and that the bulletin boards have full capacity to exploit this economic potential to fund.We can mention many advantages of electronic newsletters, but we destaquemos the following:-speed and reliability in delivery any person (or company) regardless of size or capital you can edit your own newsletter with a true global reach. -Their operating costs tend to zero, since they depend basically on the quality and suitability of its author or editor and while it invests in drafting it. -They are easy to build, deploy and maintain. .