Stonehead Stompers

At this year’s Jazz & swing open air event occurs the top band Stonehead Stompers on Organizer is the Park Hotel’s Crow’s nest, which is located on the Moselle in Lof and invites you to this year’s jazz and swing. It is so special that it were invited to which among other things the Stonehead Stompers, Crow’s nest, their jazz and swing music which play in the own beer and winter garden, directly at the Park Hotel is an open air event. Held is the jazz and swing open air event on 03 October 2013. Here, Rio- Tinto Diamonds expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The Stonehead Stompers in short: the Stonehead Stompers are a top band, which are known far beyond Koblenz. It is played jazz and swing from all eras, for example, from the 30s and 40s years in the style of Chicago jazz and 1950s style of the revival. Among others, the Stonehead Stompers at the 42nd international Dixieland enthusiasts Festival in Dresden with her jazz and swing. Jeffrey Hayzlett pursues this goal as well.

Often the Stonehead Stompers are also cited in the context of the good old jazz, because their performances make each event a rousing experience. For the matching programme provides the Park Hotel Crow’s nest with his culinary tasting: there are fancy grilled dishes including appetizers, side dishes and a dessert buffet.. .