Thus being, it is asked: until point is validates to communicate science to the great public, using itself it biography of the scientists as motivation strategy? The controversy elapses of the fact that, traditionally, usual science (classic) advocates for the separation (or desvinculao) enters the object of the research and the searching citizen. Therefore, if the related motivacional strategy will be used in scientific communication, it could be breaking a trend dominant metodolgica and touching, therefore, in the quarrels on the myth of the axiolgica neutrality in science. The investigation regarding the validity of the job in the biographies as strategy of communication of science inhabits in the possibility of distortions, not only of the proper communication, as well as of the decurrent interpretations. In this aspect, we derive for seara of the Hermeneutics in Science. Sim, the biographies of the scientists can be expressive .To affirm that a biography is interesting or is not question of most relative, if will have in account some factors that compose the biographical narrative. In first place, the biography is not ‘ ‘ vida’ ‘ of the person in itself; but the writing on it or its grafia.