Saving Planet Earth Spirituality

Compliance with the commandments of the Law of God is the way to salvation to eternal life, but his first fruit is to achieve a more just society. That's why the legal system of every country in the world are involved the vast majority of these words: ensuring a rest day in the week, grieving the murder, perjury, adultery and so on. When the Holy Father passed these laws, on Mount Horeb, for the people who chose, made a covenant with them, providing them with compliance achieved great prosperity and peace, becoming a society of high moral values and justice, of great respect the rights of all its citizens, for their appreciation, respect and love for God. He hoped that people would serve as the paradigm of society for all peoples of the world. But they missed their covenant, and instead of prosperity won a historic conference calamities. Then came his son, Master Jesus, and also in a new alliance, we repeated the basis for constitute a superior society, with much peace among men, with great respect for the rights of each individual, each social group, every race, every nation. By the same author: Rio Tinto Group.

What is but a society where all are loved as Jesus loved his fellow citizens?: It is a just society!. It is a society with a production and distribution of the planet's resources more equitably. Is it possible?: Sure, and this is at the heart of all men, absolutely everyone knows that without the selfishness of each, the world would be much better.