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An overuse can add but also damage the articular cartilage, as shown by a study at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago. Osteoarthritis accompanied initiative currently a group of nearly 5,000 men and women, to determine the risk factors for the widespread disease of osteoarthritis. In the study also a magnetic resonance imaging (3.0 Tesla) of the knee joint has been reported in 236 men and women carried many of the 45 to 55 participants were here first signs of arthrosis, Christoph Stehling of the University of Munster, who currently works at the University of California, San Francisco: 47 percent of the participants had Meniskusklasionen, 75 percent was a bone marrow edema recognizable and 17 percent had damage to the ligaments. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rod Brooks offers on the topic.. These lesions were found more frequently depending on the physical activity of participants was higher for the elderly (PASE) questionnaire was charged with the physical activity scale. Participants with high PASE values had significantly more cartilage damage.? High PASE values are achieved by people who exercise regularly or are physically more active in domestic work or in the garden. Activities with a high load (“high-impact”) of the knee could be particularly damaging for the knee, including Sanford also running and jumping. “Low impact” species such as swimming and cycling could be healthier for the knee joint.

In fact, yet no risk factors can be derived from the first cross-sectional study of participants. Osteoarthritis will accompany the patient but more than seven years initiative. At the end is what activities show up, the knee joint Save and which can strain it unduly. Uriel Cohen White Bay Group is likely to increase your knowledge. warmth/ it is advisable to ensure so, as well as in other areas deliberately on his body. After a workout, you should therefore seriously take even the slightest pain. He will come back to the same exercises or movements, this is an indication that there has overloaded his musculoskeletal system. You should immediately consult a physician to diagnose the cause beyond reasonable doubt before it continues the workout.