Psycotherapy Development

The space of the death in the conscience can be very distant. Thus, how much at the development we arrive at the phase of the oldness, this is the phase of the human development that loads more negative stigmata and attributes many times seen as phase of the losses, the body of the finances, the productivity and even of the proper family. However, the way to live deeply these losses if ties with the process of development and the conscience of each one. Where the emphasis or the value of this phase in the life is placed or in death? We have observed many people who live of significant form the end of the life, therefore in this time all the experiences if they add. The death as limit in the aid to grow, but the lived deeply death as limit, also is pain, loss of the function, the meats, the affection.

It is also solitude, sadness, poverty. One of the images strongest of the death is of the oldness, represented for old encarquilhada, lean, ossuda, without teeth, a ugly one and fedida. It is a vision that in the cause it repulses and terror. Fear of the Death and I fight the man it possesss a body that feels pain, adoece, ages and it dies. The man lives all its existence with the present death in its dreams, fancies. According to Fiefel and Nagy (1981), no human being is free of the fear of the death, and all the fears that we have are of some form, related it. Fear and anxiety are feelings that are closely on, however, the anxiety does not have pparently defined cause; already the fear generally is on to a more specific cause. According to Hoelter (1979), the anxiety can be to jump stops backwards or coming back to the natural state property for which the energy stored in a deformed body is returned when ceases the .causing tension this elastic deformation.

The adjective resiliente if would apply, then, to everything that that it presents a resistance to the shocks , (Yunes, 2003). The resilience concept, according to Kotliarenco Alvarez and Cceres (1995), through the understanding of the individual differences existing between individuals and of as these differences interacts, depending on some factors, as to per example, the age of the individual, the level of development of the nervous system, the sort, the genetics, the cultural and ambient context. For the Medicine, the resilience is appraised as the capacity of> if of some accident or trauma. A sick person resiliente is that one that has conditions to understand, to surpass, to manage and to create new a sensible one of life, ahead of a hard experience of suffering. For Psychology, the concept defines a set of social and intrapsquicos processes that make possible the people to reveal the maximum of intelligence, health and ability in complex and adverse contexts, under pressure (Poletto, Wagner capacity to surpass for all.