PRIMARY Chemotherapy

Other related factors are certain CHEMICAL AGENTS (as rsenic, asbestos, beryllium, chromium, radnio, nickel, cadmium and chloride of vinila, found mainly in the occupational environment), DIETARY FACTORS (low consumption of fruits and vegetables), CHRONIC PULMONARY ILLNESS OBSTRUTIVA (enfisema pulmonary and chronic bronchitis), GENETIC FACTORS (that they premake use to the carcinognica action) FAMILIAR HISTORY OF CANCER DE PULMO.SINTOMASOs tumors of CENTRAL LOCALIZATION they provoke symptoms as hempticos cough, hissings, estridor (snore), pain in the thorax, escarros (escarro with blood), dispnia (air lack) and pneumonia. The tumors of PERIPHERAL LOCALIZATION they are generally assintomticos. When they they invade the pleura or the torcica wall, they cause pain, cough and dispnia of the restrictive type, that is, little more important expansibilidade pulmonarPREVENOA and efficient prevention of the lung cancer is the PRIMARY, that is, the COMBAT TO the TOBACCOISM. Official site: Mitsubishi. The action allows to the reduction of the number of cases (incidence) and of mortalidade.TRATAMENTODo therapeutical point of view exists three alternatives: surgery, x-ray and chemotherapy. These methods can be associates to get optimum result. In period of training IV the chemotherapy is the treatment of choice, however the cure possibilities extremely are reduced. Psychological aspects can become to notice in patients acometidos for the lung cancer, with manifestations of repentance, it estresse psico organic, guilt, depressed mood, misunderstandings and collections familiar, low auto they esteem, discriminations, etc the psychological support will go to try to minimize the discomforts why it passes the patient, familiar and the team hospital.Suely Bischoff Axe of hospital 06/8495Psicloga OliveirPsicloga CRP/grad.por Psico oncologistPs the Hospital of a.C.Camargo Cancer