Port Adventure

The traditional celebrations are the alive patrimony of the Coast Sea bream. The inhabitants of this zone, have picked up year after year the ancestral traditions of their ancestors, to the present time. Their principles representations, are the human castles, correfocs, its giants, bigheaded and animalario diverse that year after year pronounce in the streets of towns and cities of the zone. If it visits this zone located to the south of Catalonia, it does not forget to inquire that celebrations are celebrated during their stay. And it is that if has luck, will be able to combine his stay in tourist nuclei how Salou equipped with the principles infrastructures for his comfort, with the diversion that offers the thematic park of Port Adventure and the enchantment to him of the traditional celebrations of Coast Sea bream. If it has time, is recommendable to visit the zone of the Delta of the Ebro, where in summer manifolds are celebrated celebrations where the Correbous takes protagonism. In addition it will be able to enjoy the gastronomy of the zone, in small towns of fishermen, ideals even to secure the tranquillity and calm that looks for any tourist one when it goes of vacations combining with typical and traditional plates, that already we have commented in previous articles.