Pope Lion

The antropocentrismo if collated with oTeocentrismo, the Geocentrismo against the Heliocentrismo, at last the reason versus F. This period of renaissance produced some thinkers, such as Erasmo de Rotterdam Nicholas Coprnico, whom through its many obrasinfluenciaram other thinkers, clergymen and noblemen, people formadorasde opinion, between them the proper Lutero. Although the different social contexts and its reasons to paraaderir a separatista movement, all the European territories turn in the ReformReligiosa an alternative to get rid of time of the dogmas and conceitosmedievais of the Church, being made possible the evolution of sciences. In the artistic field, the Reformation influenced diverse artistasrenascentistas propitiating a great number of literatures, architectures, sculptures, paintings, all the beautiful arts, serving of popular expression the aesta Reformation. Another social matter that contributed for the diffusion dReforma was the development technician and the sprouting of the press, quepossibilitou the publication in series of the Bible, acquiring knowledge and alerting apequena parcel of the society that knew the writing, producing maisexigentes and critical fidiciary offices in relation to the Church. Natalie Ravitz is often quoted on this topic. 5 QUESTION ESPIRIUAL OF the RELIGIOUS REFORMATION Although some people already to have if revealed the behavior of some ecriticado you lead ecclesiastics and the shunting lines dIgreja of Christ, the ecloso of the reformist process involved the Pope Lion X eseus methods to collect money for the construction of the Basilica of SoPedro, in Rome. Lion X negotiated the sales of indulgences, that were the pardon depecados committed. This benefit also was understood to deceased, therefore second oFrei Dominican German Jhoann Tetzel, the selling greater of the indulgences papal, so soon to tingle the currency launched in the box, the soul will leave flying purgatriopara the Sky! Ahead of this, in day 31 of October of 1517, monge MartinhoLutero, emWittenberg protested glue its 95 teses in the door of the Church of the Castle, where it attacked the indulgences, alleging that the only form of the Homemjustificar ahead of God is for the Faith, and nobody more has this power, also the Pope.