Playstation Network

After being disactivated for more than three weeks, on account of an invasion that caused the emptying of information and personal datas of millions of the whole world users, Sony believes to be very next to decide all the stoppage until the end of the month. With specialists working in the maintenance of the PSN, the company it searchs to calculate the ratios of this attack that includes access the numbers of credit cards and address for collection. They is esteem that all the damage exceeds the US$ marks 24 billion. Still without knowing to the certainty what she can have caused everything this, the company searchs solutions and until the reconstruction of its system, disconnect temporarily the Playstation Network and the Qriocity, in order to strengthen the inquiries and to verify the good functioning and security of its services in the world-wide net of computers and to use to advantage also to improve its structure. For who it does not know this invasion affected in the synchronization of the trophies, disputes in departures on line, access the store Playstation Store and many other activities that need connection of net for its use and good performance.

Games as ' ' End Fight Double Impact' ' ' ' Call of Duty' ' they make much more success when played on line. The Sony company believes that until the end of the month all the services already are restored and that for some regions where the new passwords had been distributed the total functioning only it will happen when all the systems will be revised and proven its good functioning. Meanwhile the users can lower diversified games and play offline, beyond improving its techniques exploring maps and new strategies. In the Internet he is possible to find a infinity of guides with tips, tactics and new features everything related to the universe of the videogames.