Planning Human Resources

Training and Development and Planning Human Resources is a process that integrates a range of activities such as: Selection, Recruitment, Induction, training and development, performance evaluation. Within this process desatacaremos and we will emphasize the issue of training and development, which is also integrated in a series of steps which are: real situation and desired situation, identifying problems, identifying training needs, performance assessment, assignment learning, training program design, program implementation, evaluation, training is based on an education which is classified in two ways: formal: that is one in which education is predominant in educational organizations and institutions that are central to the individual (primary, secondary, high school, degree, etc..) informal: that is one in which education is based primarily on experiences, social gatherings with other people’s Company philosophy tells us that is based primarily on the organizational culture which are all values that prevail in the organization. The importance of training is that this will lead to greater competitiveness and productivity for the company, whose profits will be able to get both the company (image, prestige, quality, continuous improvement, greater decision-making) and the person (leadership, image, better decision-making) generating the best formula for the organization: Efficiency = Efficiency + Effectiveness Within the detection of training needs (DNC) are based three fundamental principles which are: organizational analysis, task analysis, performance analysis, The DNC in order to be developed requires some means which are the following: interviews, questionnaires, direct observation and indirect, then will indicate the starting points that integrate training: philosophy, standards or laws governing the training, organizational culture, training environment, training objectives are composed of two types: specific targets are those that relate to what the company wants to achieve in particular. Overall objective: that is those needs that the company is willing to cover at some time Some of the principles are there in the training are to improve the position of the areas responsible for enhancing the competitiveness improve decision-making development is that that allows a person to a personal growth and / or professional individual, this development is closely linked with training. This development is classified into two types which are internally are those that occur internally in the organization (courses and workshops) external are those that occur outside of the organization and often rely on another institution (lectures, seminars, exchange visits, etc.)..