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The international component of financial globalization which will mean a great extent identified in the international financial flows, those features that characterize the behavior of financial markets by focusing on financial globalization has increased its forces in the global economy. The operations that have taken hold financially by one side is the advance of globalization on innovation set to increase the degree of interaction in the global space through the junction of the borders and the establishment of domestic and foreign operations between internal and external components of each operation, with the participation of agents that make it a difficult to quantify in the functioning of the financial sphere. As a personal reflection one can conclude that globalization is an advantage for companies because they use the appropriate strategies to penetrate new markets if they can have a huge success but it must conform to the theory of change and conducting research mercantile which are necessary to meet the tastes of customers. Honduran companies should be integrated to meet the understatement free trade processes. 14th to conclusions a) a Globalization has its vantage points because there is greater communication by the use of the internet which complements to a higher level through electronic commerce. a b) a financial processes today are more agile because it can be marketed anywhere in the world) a sensitization process provides greater liquidity, brokerage secured to reduce investment risks through diversification, there are no search costs of information and can be used as a payment mechanism. d) a The regulation of financial institutions by Basel I, which requires a capital adequacy ratio of 10% is being applied in the country as a result of the deficiencies presented by the financial bankruptcy in 1998 – 1999, through this secure banking, trust and establishing a credibility not had before.

a e) a The free trade agreements have a positive impact on consumers because it allows a higher level of product offering cheaper markets, giving the effect of reducing prices, a negative consequence of this is that small and medium businesses are not adequately prepared to deal with transnational powers have more quality, so this requires an integration of the companies.