New Challenge

dInternet. With this haste all, innumerable service packs eramlanados, what it opened security breaches and it left the unproctected companies. Apartir of 11 of September, the attentions had been turned toward the continuity denegcios. It was not enough more to inside keep of house the important data, was porquepercebeu that the protection of the information was not alone a problem of the area deTI. The Ernst Young carried through a research in 2002 that he pointed that more than 75%de the American companies already had lived deeply unexpected non-availabilities eque more than 50% of them recognized the importance of the security of the information. Aqueda of the Twin Towers called the attention the executives of technology for osplanos of disaster recovery and business continuity.

Muitosprojetos had left the paper. was at this moment had become popular terms that hojenos seem current, as redundancy of data, espelhamento deservidores, high availability, down teams and recovery teams, among others. Mascomo the area of YOU is not avesso of the statics, in the following year, the executives jtiveram that to be worried about another question: the approval, in the United States, dalei that it aims at greater transparency of the management: the Sarbanes-Oxley. These novasprticas of governana had changed the status of YOU, that it left of being a deapoio area to firm itself as pillar for the business-oriented strategies dasorganizaes. The responsibility grew exponentially. Entoo market receives plus an innovation: mobility. However as all great avanono technology sector comes folloied of new threats, together with oaumento of the productivity of the employees, also had beginning transport deinformaes for is of the protecting infrastructure of the company. Already the advent of the Web2.0, or web colaborativa, at the same time where it makes possible a melhorintegrao with partners and suppliers, of the decontedos origin to the emptying and until a negative exposition of the companies in the social nets.

The Gartneralertou in recent event that the organizations will have its images nomais associates only its products, but also to the performance of its employees in redessociais. Tantasmudanas, in a stated period of little more than 10 years, had very demanded conhecimentotcnico and high investments in training of professionals. Beyond, it is clearly, of composed tools for specific software and the hardware to guarantee asegurana of the data most strategical. The Gartner prevque, ato final of 2010, the investments in software will increase 4%, while verbasde services will grow 3%, exceeding the too much expenses with YOU. Still thus, the forecasts point index inferiore to 15% of all the mount of money of YOU indicadapara to guarantee the security of a company. Ondeestar the threat in the future? Where the resources must be invested? Who noquiser to risk, can opt to the terceirizao. Beyond lower costs, osSLAs (Service Level Agreements) guarantees the creation and, mainly, oacompanhamento of metric. This type of contract also makes possible omonitoramento and prevention of threats, support in integral time porprofissionais enabled and brought up to date, among others advantages. Independent of what to come for there, asegurana of the information will have to be ready to constantly help to the companies the enfrentarestes scenes in change. *Pedro Goyn is president of the True Access Consulting specialized company emsegurana of the information.