To my 14 years, there by the 2000, the atmosphere was loaded of the rheumatic dance of a Peruvian-Japanese, of the tarzanescos shouts of an old dye blonde at noon, of a voice that shouted to be the last alive descendant of the Incas, and coverall, of that one rate that mixed idiosyncrasies. The boom of the moment was cumbia, tecnocumbia, chicha, tropical music or since it is called. Singers and dancers with greas to the Argentinean were seen in each program of our undernourished local television. Meanwhile, the newspapers rebozaban of psycho-social and sensationalism. All the groups were not of mediatic formation.

Between few, that one stood out that formed in earth gaucha and that pitifully perished in her more ago than one week: Nectar. I must leave in clear that I am not a public person far from it opinion leader, I do not appear in television nor I have a program in some radial transmitter. Therefore they cannot say that I rise the car like the others, I do not have rating nor pinges levels of lectora. Simply I write because a curiosity was born to me. Lines will be wondered why to that one roll with the sensationalism above. What have not stared at last newspapers coverall of average sun, the last connections microwaves in the reporters or special in the programs the domingueros nocturnes? Then is sold sensational tragedy of those boys who no longer will say to the young ladies to him You you live mistaken. Many will say that that inquires is what really it happens or happened; but it is then necessary to be frank.

Many of these gentlemen who leave crying the game Jhonny and their friendly nor if want knew if the group continued running waves or it had dissolved. And the means give capacity them when not yet it determines the causal ones of the tragic event, is that it gives rating, is that it increases levels of lectora. In the zenith of Monday, Carlota and its Laurita makes a nectar of Lima lemon.