National Periodical

As much that some senders say the notice, comment and criticize, no what she happens in our National Periodical. Exactly thus, I continue assistindosempre, because the National Periodical is part of my routine. See RioCan for more details and insights. Teresinha reads Da Silva Taraciuk, 42 years. Technique in Radiology These depositions had not served to discover umaresposta objective of the mental representation of the National Periodical for the public, but they had supplied elements that are contained in this supposed reply, beyond to demonstrate questions that fit we to reflect the reason of them to come to tona, as porexemplo when it was spoken of taking root of the culture of the colonizador on colniaou the hint that the JN makes a brainwashing in the individuals. Poderamosnos to ask: Which the meaning of these investigations or the reason of them seremlegtimas for a reply to one asks of that type? With intention to evidence some indications what to podeestar related the boarded content for some of the interviewed ones, dareicontinuidade our attempt of dialogue of the intellectuals, in what it refers to, mainly, to the weight of the index of hearing in the elaboration of a detelejornal program. Although this question not to be told and nor found comoproblema in the workmanship of Bonner, we verify that for Bordieu, ' ' the televisoregida one for the hearing index contributes to exert on consumidorsupostamente exempts and clarified the pressures of market, that does not have nothing democratic deexpresso of a clarified collective opinion, rational, of public umarazo, as they want to make the demagogues cnicos' '. (BORDIEU, pp.97). In this way, we verify in the author the idea that can and had to be fought contrao index of hearing on behalf of the democracy. The object of the journalism, for Bordieu, is not the power dosjornalistas, would correspond, in this manner, to the influence of the mechanisms of umcampo journalistic, that he is subject to the market requirements, reflecting nosprprios journalists and to different the other social fields or demands.