Mountains Atlas

Mountain destinations for summer Val D lsere, France famous for its winter activities, this renowned resort also offer lots of fun for the summer visitor. In its vicinity you can horseback riding, practice tennis, golf, montanbike and swimming. On the back of its mountains we can try rock climbing, walking or riding a bike. And if we don’t have enough, we have nearly the area of Tignes, with its Grande mountain glacier that allows skiing in summer. If you are looking for in advance it is quite easy to find cheap flights to our neighboring country. Queenstown, New Zealand for the skier truly delivered, find a good choice of ski during the summer in the northern hemisphere is difficult. That’s Queenstown, the capital of the adrenaline of New Zealand.

After a session of skiing (or heli ski) by nearby towns, burning what is left you energy doing bungee jumping, skydiving, jet-navigation or dare with the swimming cannon. Mountains Atlas rather than spend the summer lying in the pool, with the Red of summer, so go you adventure by the highest peak in North Africa, the impressive Mount Toubkal? There are climbing tours with mules (get rid of charge) that you will take to its Summit, to be fascinated by the views. Further down, the vibrant city of Marrakech awaits you with lots of fun. Find flights to Marrakesh. Lake Louise, Rocky Mountains, Canada for lovers of landscapes and outdoor, Lake Louise is an ideal destination for the summer holidays. The jewel of the Rockies offers us the possibility to do hiking or take a stroll through its impressive surroundings.

If you want more action, you can ride a horse or go white-water rafting on the rapids. Nearby are the national parks and its splendid scenery. And all this with a mild climate which is around 20 C. National Park of Cairngorn, Aviemore, Scotland.