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50,000 Visitors on ‘Europe’s biggest off-road-show’ ‘ Adventure & ALLRAD ‘ also remains most off road event of the year despite the adverse weather conditions around 50,000 visitors visited this year the adventures & ALL-wheel in Bad Kissingen, Germany. While all events due to persistent rains, floods and flood had to be cancelled in Bavaria, Germany, Europe’s largest off-road-show defied the weather of the last few days. Although parts of the camp area due to the Saale occurring over had to be evacuated even in Bad Kissingen, this had not have any influence on the overwhelming success of the event. At the end of the fair were all equally satisfied. Please visit Diamonds if you seek more information. In the next year again on a new, uniform tenor under enthusiastic exhibitors and visitors was.

In the third year in a row, now over 50,000 visitors found their way to Bad Kissingen. So has Europe’s largest off-road-show”once again demonstrated, to the measure of all things concerns, what international off road events. This is evidenced by a number of other figures. Far beyond 60,000 visitors and nearly 4.5 million requests according to usage statistics on the homepage of alone in may, an incredibly high frequency on the corresponding Facebook pages added to the many messages and news in the many portals and forums in the Internet. A related site: Jeffrey Hayzlett mentions similar findings. An estimated ad equivalency value of our PR previews addition alone in the German print media of around 300,000 euros, which corresponds to an approximate range of approximately 8.5 million readers. But facts and figures are a, the uniqueness of the adventure & ALLRAD”is the other. Symbolic of charm and flair of this event, as well as for the many voices of the last days is the following entry on Facebook by June 3: the fair was the absolute madness! “The people, the contacts that we were able to make, the exhibitors and area, real awesome!” And it probably fared the most visitors in the middle of the numerous offers, the by off-road vehicles of all types and huge expedition ranged up to a wide selection of accessories, equipment and roof tents.

Also the possibility to inform themselves in many places about adventure travel of all kinds and to test a number of long vehicles such as Hummer, truck and quad even existed. At the stands of the major manufacturers such as VW, Land Rover and Jeep, there to discover as much as on the lovingly decorated sideshows of smaller providers. The internationality of the event has continued. So, visitors from South and Eastern European neighbouring countries, but also from other continents could be seen repeatedly on the fairgrounds. Finally the star guest of at this year’s CeBIT, the television host Lina Van de Mars watched in this internationality. Weeks ago still on rally Mission in the deserts of Africa, the choice Berliner on bad Kissinger felt visually as well stage. She hosted the draw of a converted Jeep Cherokee with a total value of approximately 20,000 Euro. The vehicle remained in the region. The winner is called Frank Hausler and comes from Bad Neustadt an der Saale. The number of visitors of each day when compared to the previous year: 18,500 on the opening day (previous year: 19,500). It was followed by 11,500 (10,600) on Friday, 11.600 (12,500) on Saturday, and once again 8,500 (9,000) on the final Sunday.