In these times many people are interested by the marketing, or to be more exact by the online marketing. Connect with other leaders such as Rio- Tinto Diamonds here. But how many of us / as we know exactly what is the marketing. According to Philip Kotler (considered by some father of marketing) is ‘the social and administrative process by which groups and individuals meet their needs to create and exchange goods and services’ this is the best definition I’ve found on the subject, since it shows us a very powerful aspect and current social process, which fits the Bill when we talk about focused business Internet marketing or online marketing. You already know that I mean no? Yes I am talking about we can also now do marketing through networks social, through the WOMMED (Word of Mouth Marketing): Word of mouth marketing. Marketing can make us earn much money, but before you start working on it, you should know what you can bring to your business and you expect that you can give. The first objective of marketing is to satisfy a need therefore the first thing We have to ask is whether our business provides products or services that meet a need for a collective. In the event that our purpose is to start a business, you already know what your first step, analyzing the market needs for more demands by a particular group, would find a market niche.

The second step we must take is to promote our business (product or service that we have researched) and that is flattering to our niche market. Here come the marketing in social media, IE, to publicize our business through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Xing very effective and easy to operate without know the correct steps. The online marketing also allows us to position a website where we have hosted our business, i.e. when a person put into Google certain words related with our business we appear on the first pages and why not in the first or second position without spending money on google adwords. Finally with a good marketing strategy we can achieve that our business in which we have some time begin to give their first income or in which case it that already we have them that these duplicate, we will achieve a greater presence and establish ourselves as benchmarks in our target market and of course a long list of clients satisfied and faithful to our services. These are some of the things that can do for you and your business marketing course.