Man’s Purpose

We have always questioned on the people and we ourselves and our existence. The men or the human being if identify, because the questionings are the same ones, there arrange tribes, ismos or clubs. Motociclismo, futebolismo, cycling, atletismo, buddhism, catolicismo, hipismo, espiritismo, protestantismo etc. These tribes in them comfort because we share in the groups the same gostos or the same beliefs, there everything seem lighter occupy our minds with things, doctrine, workmanships, thoughts and accept things as decided. But we do not have the peace, the happiness and the life. If you are not convinced, visit Rod Brooks. The reality is there, the continuous conflicts the oppositions the questionings. If to ask to any person, you believes in God, Jesus Christ, Buddha, in Appeared, in Maom, Alan Kardeque, Chico Xavier, Pope, Priest, Shepherd and even though in the Bible, the reply goes always positive, because all believe in some thing, until the devil It believes and estremece. It is certain that it has some people who do not only believe in nothing in itself same.

The solitude leads to believe in some thing to live calmer, but nothing of this in the ones of the reply. Some already had read salmo 23, You are my shepherd and nothing it will lack to me, but it is lacking everything, Cad the Shepherd, is necessary to know it, thus will only have rest. As to know the Shepherd, It said when uprisings the Son of the man you will know then me. Jesus to the being raised in the Cross attracted in them to its body stops knowing in them in the sin and making to know them it in the resurrection, in its tender life. Who only is in Christ is New Creature, to enter in any ismo in them does not make new creatures. Jesus said: without me nothing you can make, All our religiosidade is it which will be, Former: of the motion, of the car, bike, the church, the religion etc. always after some time makes in them to disappoint or it makes in them fanatic, blind, deaf, condemned the perpetual death. But if somebody is in new Christ creature is Certainly will not be part of heart of ismo some, can until participating but its heart is not more there, is in Christ Jesus, thus we will only have peace, and all the things will contribute for the good, everything that to put the hand will prosper, thus only have rest.