Luxury Available

Throughout human history there were things that served as the attributes of success and prosperity. No, this is not a "gold and diamonds, villas on the Riviera or ocean yachts. Much more interesting technical innovations allowing to pick up on a different level of quality of life. At the time of its appearance similar items available only elected, but over time they become elements of mass life. Learn more at this site: Rio- Tinto Diamonds. Such is the fate of radio, phone, tv, car and other "miracles of technology." And especially a lot of these new products appeared as recently as 1990. "Brick" weight in gold in the early 1990's our country just experienced a "culture shock": it turns out phone can be carried around everywhere and use them anytime and virtually anywhere.

True, evaded such a pleasure rather expensive. The first mobile phone looks more like a portable field radio station, worth up to five thousand dollars, and appeared behind them and received by the people for their considerable weight (500-600 grams) nickname of "brick" machines – at least a thousand. It took a little time and progress took its own: the price of "Cell phones" down the order. And last year the U.S. company Hop-On has made a seemingly unthinkable: The phone provided at the cost of only $ 10! Maximally reduce the cost of the device failed due to lack of display. Fiction, but today many "tubes" are cheaper than a phone call with "brick" fifteen years ago. Needless to say, that the possibilities of modern mobile devices long ago moved beyond the concept of "Phone".