Lima Jorge Rendon Vasquez

Jorge Rendon paints in his novel the turbulent 50s in Lima Jorge Rendon Vasquez, respected professor of law, is also a prolific writer, author of several books of short stories. It now surprises us with a vast novel. The poet and literary critic Rosa Luz Miranda, his authorized vision of this book offers us this comment. Writes: Rosa Luz Miranda after his successful stories La Calle Nueva, the neck of the snake and celebration, Jorge Rendon Vasquez, has just published the dense novel the bounty of good death. He is this time of a successful literary work, which leads to our memory the Government of general Odria and displays the contingencies of the time: the military coup is always present in our latitudes. With this theme our writer paints a very accomplished 1950s cool, worked with precise, meticulous, strokes a neat research product. Jorge Rendon enters with fullness to the universe of the historical novel. Our author is a protagonist of the facts described, an actor in the scenario of the student strength, which possesses the desire to achieve reforms to reach the people and their reivindicatorios desires.

So much so that his editors stand out that: his thought and his pen toured intensively and unabated the right spaces, often opened roads after set aside the undergrowth with energy. Fruit of this is his return to literature, equipped with the experience accumulated over many years of observing the protagonists of the simple and extraordinary events that make up the human evolution. Through its 490 pages the author, who has lived that time, complains a vertical and corrupt society cemented in our nothing auspicious history of domain exercised by traditional power groups, this time the landowner oligarchy. Kleptocracy, always with fertile ground, generates their pests can destroy the more solid foundations of duty be the country that says build.