Of this form, hands the workmanship, is necessary to start to work with the imaginary one, the development of the knowledge of the group depends on what it already knows. From there the importance to work on the basis of the thought of them. Of certain form he is necessary same to go the deep one more, is necessary to create conditions so that definitive cognitivos processes if develop. Jeffrey Hayzlett oftentimes addresses this issue. is in ' ' functions afetivas' ' , that according to Piaget constitue, the engine of the cognitivo development. according to Goulart (2001), is the proper Piaget who standes out the importance of this aspect of the development. He is necessary that psicopedagogo has an including look on the causes of the learning difficulties, going beyond the biological problems, thus breaching with the simplista vision of the learning problems, looking for to more deeply understand as this process occurs to learn in an integrated boarding, in which is not overcome only one aspect of the person but its completeness. Automatically, it is in the learning difficulties that if present a citizen, is also involved all its life, familiar, educative, friendship, at last it moves with its feeling, its affective part. Being thus when the learning problem it is predicted, must be treated from the problem in question.

Considering that the affective side is being of certain involved form, it fits to psicopedagogo to mainly come back its look toward this side. As each in case that it presents a type of different comprometimento, it has cases where of the one for psicopedagogo not to only deal with the decurrent riots of the learning and problems it, but he is necessary that this work is made in team, also counting on professionals of another area. But so that everything this can be materialize, ahead these necessities the educative process will need to englobar 0 variable that engrandece the man inside of its half one, placing the educative tools that will provide relative to an educational relation its necessities.