Latin Caribbean Summit

Brazil is the host of the meetings of Mercosur, the South American Union of Nations and 1 integration of 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean Summit. The world’s largest latino country wants to become the pillar of a new regional bloc to go towards a possible common market and help that Brazil reaches the United Nations Security Council. Despite the cultural and linguistic homogeneity of this region, it is difficult that a union this vertebre to Europe due to the backlog and to the dependence of their economies. There is also a gap between those who are oriented toward making monetarist policies and pro-FTA with the US and those who are izquierdean. There are strong clashes between Argentina and Uruguay and on tariffs in Mercosur. The Andean Community suffered the departure of Venezuela and is divided between Peru and Colombia that are pro-FTA and the nationalists of Bolivia and Ecuador.

The Summit should address the issue of the more than 50 millions of Latino and Caribbean who lives in the North and with a population and economy is greater than almost any of the countries of the region. The Summit could go preparing a sort of extended Unasur that points toward a more multipolar world. In the light of this Obama must recover lost ground and go toward a friendly offensive to regain allies in the region.