Laser Abrasion

-Avoid using cosmetics until acne improves and ask us for advice with regard to make-up. -Avoid greasy suntan creams. Use formulas with alcohol content that does not block the pore. -Regularly wash the hair three times a week. Ask us for advice about shampoo.

-Avoid frequently support the cheeks on hands (passive attitude, study, etc.). -Avoid conflicting emotional situations, such as stress, nervousness, tiredness. -Avoid exposing the skin to oily or fatty environments (kitchens, etc.). Others including Jeffrey Hayzlett, offer their opinions as well. -Change of bed pillows covers frequently. -Develop the habit of taking care of the skin, since its beauty accentuating our image. Some patients with acne acne scars are scars (dimples, reddish stains), particularly in the face and back.

Scars can be improved considerably by using a chemical peeling with fruit acids. Applies in the face with a chiffon a concentrated lotion of fruit acids (glycolic, lactic, citric or Salicylic) in order to stimulate natural skin repair mechanisms. Of This mode is achieved smooth the epidermis and stimulates the synthesis of collagen to fill in scars and wrinkles. Peels also help remove corns and pimples. The procedure consists of applying fruit acids in the face every 1-2 weeks up to 6-8 times. Subsequently, maintenance treatment is performed every 2-3 months. This procedure can be repeated many times you want to. Not burning nor reddens the face and the patient does not lose even one day’s work. There are other treatments for scars as the laser beams and the capacitive currents (INDIBA) which are totally painless and have no side effects. In these cases, the patient must go to the clinic twice a week, a minimum of 2 months. There is also a procedure called Laser Abrasion using Laser of carbon, which is currently the most recommended for acne. See: Chemical Peeling, Glicopeel, Melaspeel and Salipeel original author and source of the article.